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Swanhurst School Project Overview

NEO pizza was introduced at Swanhurst School on the 2nd of February and became an instant success with students. Previous offer consisted of toast/half muffin rolls with sauce and cheese, which were sold for 50p at break time and for lunch the kitchen team used to prepare 12 pre-baked 10’’ bases cut in quarters selling for £1.00. Following the site survey and demonstration of Neo range to the team, it was decided to go ahead with 6’’ deep pan individual pizzas, which can be cut into halves retailing for £1.00 during the morning break and offer the whole pizza in the box for £2.00 or as a part of the meal deal for £2.30 lunch time.

The launch was supported by vibrant NEO branding and Tugo’s representative Natasha Garcia, who completed team training and collected feedback from students. During the first 5 minutes of Morning Break, 66 portions of 6” halves were sold for £1 each. Lunch time 47 Pizzas were sold as part of a Meal Deal. The new offers doubled the taking from pizza sales, which on the day of the launch came to £160 and we believe sales will continue growing as awareness of the offer rises and more students use the canteen.

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