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Developing Dynamic Flavours

We are Tugo and we’re here to make life easier for food service operators; with dynamic brands, unique catering products and dedicated training & support all packaged into our complete foodservice solution.

From authentic pizza & pasta to vibrant street food, our diverse & innovative food concepts make it possible for the catering and hospitality industry to compete with high street brands. Attracting attention, cultivating patronage and growing profits.

Whatever your sector, Tugo can provide the perfect solution for your business, whether it’s…


Business & Industry

Leisure & Tourism





Tugo’s Nutrition & Product Development team may well be celebrated as the creators of the industry’s first ever fresh rolled dough disc, but they haven’t stood still. They remain on a continual mission of discovery. Seeking out inspirational flavours, recipes and concepts from around the world, and developing new ways to attract attention, cultivate patronage and grow profits.

Great Ideas

from around the world

Dynamic Concepts

that deliver results

Industry Knowledge

whats on trend

Brand Investment

extraordinary customer experiences

73% of customers think we are extremely innovative


Our chefs and nutritionists are flavour connoisseurs. Hand-crafting meals that burst with authentic flavour. Simple to prepare, popular with customers, and proven to deliver outstanding returns for our clients. Using only the finest ingredients, our meats come from British and Irish farms that really care about their animals, which means everything they produce is not only the best quality but sustainable, traceable, and environmentally sound.


created by expert chefs

rich tomato sauce on pizza dough


fresh and natural Ingredients

authentic fresh ingredients branding


locally sourced where possible

quality ingredients freshly picked potato


we are flavour connoisseurs

chef freshly preparing delicious pizza

83% think our product quality are better than our competitors


Bespoke food offerings that suit your site, appeal to your customers and help grow your profits. We deliver the whole package, free-on-loan equipment, fully costed recipe specifications, POS package and ongoing programme of dedicated training & support. The complete package ensures your business achieves effortless year on year sales growth.

food solutions to suit your site


ideas, set-up, to everyday operations


from equipment to branding and marketing


ongoing training and support

Full Support

60% gross profit are proven to be delivered from our brands


Food should be honest. Your customers can enjoy food with confidence thanks to our comprehensive nutritional breakdown and commitment to create recipes without the use of any artificial additives, colours or preservatives. We believe in supporting sustainable & ethical farming methods and in using free-range produce where ever possible. We also care about the size of our carbon footprint, and take action to reduce, reuse, and recycle where ever we can.

we use no artificial additives, colours or preservatives

supporting sustainable & ethical farming methods

we use free-range produce where possible

reducing our carbon footprint year on year

we use a minimum of 65% recycled materials

committed to reducing the amount of virgin material in our packaging


we care what we put in, fresh and local

fresh ingredients prepared


supporting sustainable and ethical farming

freshly farmed sustainable ingredients


reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever we can

environmentally friendly freshly farmed ingredients


treading lightly is close to our hearts

environmentally friendly low carbon footprint

We have reduced our packaging by over 20%

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