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At a Glance

We are growing.

We embody a food philosophy that pays close attention to the source and quality of our ingredients.

We work cross-sector and are diversifying more and more across the UK.

We are accredited and trusted when it comes to standards and the welfare of animals.

We value our team as a family.

We bring profits, add personality and fulfil your site’s potential - no matter where you are.

We are Tugo.

One glance tells you all you need to know.

90 lines since 2009, Tugo's product lines have increased from 24 to 90


Over 85% of all Tugo's packaging is made using recycled materials.

Over £5K was raised for charities in the last 2 years.


86% of Tugo staff say it's the best place they've ever worked!


Over 150K burritos were served by Tugo customers in 2017

£250K profit per week was generated for customers in 2018


Member of Sedex, committed to responsible and ethical sourcing


208g of Tugo tomatoes have been produced for our Pizza Sauce since you have been here


No nuts all Tugo products are produced in nut-free environments


Free from all Tugo products are free from all GM ingredients, artificial colours, artificial preservatives and artificial sweeteners

0.5 litres of milk used for Tugo cheese have been churned since you visited!


Certified Tugo is independently certified by BRC, STS and CMi for food safety and quality

100% of Tugo's customers said they would recommend us to other caterers


1 new site every 2 days since 2014, Tugo has launched, on average, 1 new site every 2 days. New sites now stand at 911 in 5 years


Trusted meat all of the meats supplied by Tugo are produced by farmers that can demonstrate their commitment to the 5 freedoms. They are certified by Red Tractor, Origin Green or RSPCA Farm Assurance Schemes

Food For Life Tugo is a certified Food For Life catering supplier

* Please note: these figures are correct at time of publication and maybe subject to change

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