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4ORK Range – all about the ingredients!

Inspired from kitchens around the world

There’s no doubt the modern British consumer eats more adventurously than ever before! The fact that UK’s national dish is chicken tikka masala, over the old rival fish and chips, stands as a testament to how our palates have spiced up over time, and for good reason. With multicultural influences changing the taste buds of Britain, a walk down any high street shows us that food from around the world is met with great enthusiasm from the public.

We’re bringing the street kitchen to you

Cooked with these modern influences and blend of heritage, our 4ORK range has been inspired from street kitchens around the world. Developed to bring together traditional staples with innovative flavours, our food pots mix up ancient ingredients with extravagant modern twists! Embracing global influences with locally sourced British ingredients, the final results truly fuse together a unique burst of flavour combinations!

3 staple ingredients – over 75 exciting dishes to try

Say hasta la vista to ordinary meals! With our range, you can make every day a different destination, mixing 3 classic favourites – rice, pasta and noodles – with over 75 flavour combinations. Sauces range from scrumptious French ratatouille, to tantalising Japanese Katsu, to a hearty South American veg chilli sauce, soyour customers can have the textures and tastes their way, taking them on a globetrotting culinary experience with every bite.
With vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, and allergen information easily available, we aim to please with a range for every taste. Furthermore, because the range was developed in conjunction with a registered dietician, we’ve ensured all meals to provide the best taste with balanced nutrition, meaning they are school-friendly and will easily satisfy the health-conscious consumer!

What makes 4ork different?

We’ve done all the hard work in the kitchen, so you can easily prepare our pots in just 30 seconds. All sauces are made from scratch – never using base sauces, pastes or powders – and are handmade by our team of experienced chefs using only the highest quality, fresh British ingredients. Because they are cooked with such considerable care and attention, the ingredients burst with flavour. We know you can taste the difference. You will never find any GM or artificial ingredients in our recipes, and they are also free from trans-fats.

At the forefront of innovation

Our fast and fresh approach makes our products ideal for a whole range of sectors – including retail, business and industry, leisure and tourism, stadia, healthcare and defence – helping businesses to grow sales, drive footfall, and delight their customers. Our development team has also spent a huge amount of time working with engineering experts to ensure you have the absolute top-quality equipment available on the market today, all designed to deliver great profitability and keep customers engaged.
Got your own business or recipe idea? Our team is enthusiastic to work with catering companies to develop bespoke sauces that they feel would benefit their businesses, or better serve their customers. From branded hats and aprons, to tasting sessions and promotions, we offer POS options that will not only make your site shine but will turn heads like no other!

Get to know us more

Don’t miss our new 4ork brand page where you can discover the flavours and innovations of our street food eatery brand. Tantalise your taste-buds and scroll through our delicious recipes, where you’ll find out exactly what goes into each pot.
Look out for our new ‘Did You Know?’ campaign across our social media channels – Facebook and Twitter– where we will continue to post fast and fun facts about our the 4ORK range.

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