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June's Seasonal Pizza Recipes

For June we have selected fresh Spinach, Beetroot, Spring onions and Little Gem lettuce, all of which are readily available and locally grown. NEO’s dedicated team of chefs have married these with other ingredients to deliver a range of tasty and inspiring pizzas, all vegetarian, to enjoy throughout the month of June.

Here are our 6 seasonal NEO Pizzas to enjoy:
1. Spinach, Goat’s Cheese & Caramelised Onion
2. Four Cheese Supreme
3. Feta Cheese & Beetroot finished with Little Gem Lettuce & Caesar Dressing
4. Pea, Mushroom & Spring Onions
5. Jack Fruit, Sweetcorn & Red Pepper
6. Peach & Cream Cheese, Feta Cheese & Pomegranate Seeds
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