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Seven Deadly Sins

Monetizing Mischief. Our S brand pizza concept works.

Based on the seven deadly sins, the concept is proven to deliver over 60% GP, and to hold customers attention long beyond their first visit. Our range of toppings might be inspired by evil, but high quality & provenance is still guaranteed.

s brand pizza made with fresh ingredients
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s brand branding
dough pucks and ready-rolled dough discs

Naughty and Delicious

Everyone has a little dark passenger, a naughty imp sitting on their shoulder. The Tugo ‘S’ Brand will satisfy their evil desires, and keep them out of mischief, for a while. The pizza base is a 6”deep pan pizza created from the unique Dough Puck, cooked with a crisp, golden base, smothered with the famous Tugo pizza sauce and the finest Tugo 100% Mozzarella.

The 'S' brand is aimed at keeping your menu fresh and exciting, whilst enabling you to compete with comparable High Street food brands.

Looking for a way to stop menu fatigue amongst your customers? Ask us for more information.

Stand Out From the Crowd

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internal pos signage for s brand

For a Taste of the Action

Please contact one of the S Brand team
at info@tugo.co.uk or telephone 01295 367351.

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