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Luton Project Overview

“Students love ‘Grab-and-Go’ offers and especially a good pizza” according to Kay Stott, Catering Manager for Luton 6th Form College. However, with the variety of products on offer and competitively priced high-street units on their door step attracting customers away, consistently producing a quality pizza, let alone having the time and skills to rustle them up daily, means that serving freshly baked pizza in colleges can be seen as too much of a challenge.

Producing 200 portions of homemade fresh dough pizza was bringing the site £200 in sales per day; but the production time of seven hours of labour for two staff, was certainly eating into profitability. Preparing the pizza is now easy, as you just have to defrost the dough pucks and allow them to prove at room temperature then top with sauce, cheese and selected toppings, all supplied by TUGO. All the ingredients we use are GM free; we don’t like to use anything other than fresh ingredients, grown and harvested the way nature intended them to be.

Everything is free from artificial colours, we think the colours they come with naturally are just fine, and because we freeze our products, we do not need to add any artificial preservatives either. Pizza NEO also carries an official ‘Food for Life’ catering mark, as the seal of approval when it comes to being nutritious and spot on in terms of traceability."

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