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University of Reading Project Overview

To entice its customers, the University of Reading decided to transform the offer of it’s take-away unit in September 2016 to a Grab-and-Go solution. One of the objectives of the catering department was attracting students to buy a pizza offer produced in house, rather than ordering from local high street competitors. After all, the university has a few thousand students living on campus and thousands more coming in for lectures every day.

Following a presentation of the products available, they turned to TUGO Food Systems for their Pizza NEO concept. The Food and Beverage Manager, Derek Birch, said that: ‘Before the makeover, we used to sell pre-topped pizza from a well-known brand. But by changing to the fresh dough concept that Pizza NEO offers, we have the flexibility to top pizzas to order and keep it interesting and exciting for students. In addition, the lower cost of the product allowed us to reduce the price without affecting our profit margins, permitting to undercut high-street competition; however, still offering a top quality product our students love.’

Another criterion in choosing a new pizza supplier was ease of preparation, as the unit is run by a new team, many without a background of working in a kitchen. With the free training support and point of sale, TUGO was an obvious choice. Preparing the fresh dough pizza is easy; you just have to defrost the dough disc and allow them to prove at room temperature. It takes just six minutes to bake a pizza! The shop is running seven days a week from noon till midnight and we sell up to 200 pizzas. Pizza NEO is definitely a favourite and is responsible for around 80% of our daily food offering. The volume of pizza sales increased by at least 50% and the gross profit is great too!

All the ingredients TUGO uses are GM free; there is nothing but fresh ingredients, grown and harvested the way nature intended them to be. Everything is free from artificial colours, as the colours they come with naturally are just fine, and because TUGO freezes it’s products, there is no need to add any artificial preservatives either. Pizza NEO also carries an official, Food for Life, catering mark, as the seal of approval when it comes to being nutritious and spot on in terms of traceability.

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