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Meet the New Business Team

Everyone in the Tugo team is fanatical about foodservice; with a deep rooted dedication to creating great food, happy customers and more profit for our foodservice partners. Our tightly knit team has a breadth of knowledge and experience in foodservice that is second to none.

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Unlike most of our competitors we operate a relatively flat structure. This means our management team is very hands on, involved day to day with our customers and central to the support we provide to your business. It also means that we can be incredibly flexible, proactive and innovative in our approach to the services we offer

94% of our customers are satisfied with our support and help

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Alan Peel

Alan Peel

New Business Director

About Alan Peel

I joined the company from the beginning in 2009, and I’ve a real appetite for authentic food and am obsessed with attention to detail. I’m always on the hunt for innovative ideas from around the world; whether that’s extraordinary customer experiences, authentic street food flavours, or future foodservice trends.

Fav colour: Red

Cares about: Cancer Research

Steve Gutteridge

Steve Gutteridge

New Business Manager

About Steve Gutteridge

I joined Tugo in August 2021 as New Business Manager but have been in a sales role since 2009. My role means that I can speak to and meet new customers everyday which I really enjoy.
When I was younger, I worked in the Royal Navy as officer chef and captain’s chef, I cooked for Royalty and VIPs. I served in the Persian Gulf Region between 1988 to 1992, was West Indies Guard ship in 1994 and attended the Commonwealth games in Victoria.
I’ve done things a bit ‘out of the ordinary’ like being winched out of a helicopter, and car door opener for Princess Anne, as well as visiting 130 countries around the world.
Outside of work I still love to travel, and I'm also a very keen gardener - this summer I received a 2nd place in the Rotherham Garden in Bloom section.

Fav colour: Claret and Blue

Cares about: Wildlife and the seas

Anna Waterfield

Anna Waterfield

New Business Manager

About Anna Waterfield

My approach is practical, honest and supportive, and my role is end-to-end. Taking time to understand each of my customers’ challenges, requirements and goals before proposing a bespoke foodservice concept. I have never seen one but I am still scared of ghosts.

Fav colour: Blue

Cares about: Animal Welfare