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Meet the Regional Sales Team

Everyone in the Tugo team is fanatical about foodservice; with a deep rooted dedication to creating great food, happy customers and more profit for our foodservice partners. Our tightly knit team has a breadth of knowledge and experience in foodservice that is second to none.

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Unlike most of our competitors we operate a relatively flat structure. This means our management team is very hands on, involved day to day with our customers and central to the support we provide to your business. It also means that we can be incredibly flexible, proactive and innovative in our approach to the services we offer

94% of our customers are satisfied with our support and help



National Sales


Regional Sales

Kathryn Ennis-Burton

Kathryn Ennis-Burton

National Sales & Training Manager

About Kathryn Ennis-Burton

I joined Tugo in June 2015 and have never looked back! I have specialised in management and training for over 25 years. I love watching staff develop and finding out strengths they never knew they were so good at! Also, I have a double-jointed tongue.

Fav colour: Yellow

Cares about: All animals especially camels, Squirrels and dogs

Andrew Stidder

Andrew Stidder

Regional Sales Manager

About Andrew Stidder

I am a Regional Sales Manager covering the Midlands and surrounding areas. It’s my job to increase potential customers in my region and generate new leads, while managing and supporting existing accounts. I really enjoy the journey from setting up new accounts to maintaining and growing together with them by offering premium cost-effective concepts.

In my spare time, I enjoy all sports and play semi-professional football enjoy the gym and fitness classes while also spending plenty of time with my girlfriend and my 3 amazing boys mainly watching them play football and generally keeping me busy.

Fav colour: Blue

Cares about: My 3 funny energetic Boys, girlfriend, family and Tottenham Hotspur

Annette Hamdan

Annette Hamdan

Regional Sales Manager

About Annette Hamdan

Since joining Tugo January 2017, I work closely with other sales managers, led by our National Sales Manager.

It's my job to map potential customers in my region and generate new leads, while managing existing accounts.

I am responsible for brand promotion - promoting the product to the consumers in a cost-effective way.

My approach is practical, honest and supportive, and my role is end-to-end.Taking time to understand each of my customers’ challenges, requirements and goals before proposing a bespoke foodservice concept capable of achieving effortless year on year growth.

I’m passionate about big ideas and devoted to deadlines.

My specialisms include:

  • Food retail direction & strategy
  • Creation & delivery of bespoke branded food concepts
  • Commercial coaching; maximising customers footfall, sales & profits

Fav colour: Purple

Cares about: My family

Hobbies: Travelling, sports & walking my dog

Christopher Peach

Christopher Peach

Regional Sales Manager

About Christopher Peach

I have been in customer facing roles all of my career, I love to help people. I am dedicated to providing outstanding training and support to my clients. Going the extra mile gives both the client and myself the satisfaction of a job well done.

Fav colour: Red

Cares about: Cooking and Food especially desserts.

Deborah Adams

Deborah Adams

Regional Sales Manager

About Deborah Adams

I have always been in a role where I get to meet a diverse range of people. Selling is my strong point, there is nothing better than promoting a product that you believe in to others and making them believe in it equally.

Fav colour: I love all colours

Cares about: Family, friends, my dog, cats and all other fauna and flora.

Muhammad Gulamonabi

Muhammad Gulamonabi

Regional Sales Manager

About Muhammad Gulamonabi

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed creating and nurturing growth in people and business. I get a real kick out of visiting a customer, business or an individual who has become truly great at what they do, knowing I helped get them there, there is no better satisfaction in life…..apart from eating and cooking of course!

Fav colour: blue

Cares about: Humanity and nature

Stacie Herron

Stacie Herron

Regional Sales Manager

About Stacie Herron

I really enjoy my role as Regional Sales Manager for the South West. I have been in sales in the food industry for the past 17 years, so I am always interested in the latest food trends. Every day at Tugo brings something new and exciting, whether it's working with a new site teaching them about our products, supporting an existing site helping to grow the business and GP or meeting up with prospective clients.

Showing off my French GCSE in front of my then boyfriend and a perplexed French receptionist at a very expensive hotel in the Dordgne, I booked a room for "deux poissons" instead of "deux personnes".

Fav colour: Anything On The Green Spectrum

Cares about: Family Friends and Animals (but not anything with more than 4 legs)