TUGO fires up foodservice with The Urban Rajah

Tugo foodservice innovations have partnered up with the next generation Indian street food brand, Urban Rajah, to spice up foodservice with an exclusive range of Curry Pot sauces.
Different curry dishes in steel pots

Ivor Peters, aka the Urban Rajah, comments, “We’ve had curry and rice in Britain for over 200 years, so it’s about time we innovated and introduced a convenient food to go solution for the food service sector. Working with TUGO to introduce fresh new flavours, with gusto and authenticity has been a trip!
The spiced filled range is inspired by history, regional cuisine and family legacy all adapted to reflect the way we eat today and tomorrow. Recipes have been infused with biodynamic ingredients, specially blended spices, and a drive toward increasing plant-based protein.

Peters continues, “At Urban Rajah, we’re on a mission to expand the spice horizons of the nation, deliver flavours bigger than a Bollywood blockbuster and kickhunger into next week. Our purpose is simple, free taste-buds and liberate lives from human slavery all through the love of Indian food.”
Matt Joblin, Head of Brand Development at TUGO adds: “It’s been great collaborating with Ivor aka the Urban Rajah as part of our exciting new journey to re-imagine and re-shape our food offer at TUGO.
No matter how you cut it, the UK are a nation of curry lovers, with Indian in the top three most popular national cuisines and amongst the most soughtafter recipes to cook at home during lockdown.
We’re thrilled to bring fresh NEW authentic flavours, spiced with innovation to foodservice and offer our clients something unique that delivers a real point of difference, rather than just another Chicken Tikka Masala!

This range is set to excite our customers with something completely different, that will create a real buzz and extend our reach to NEW customers beyond our core sectors”

Urban Rajah’s Curry Pots reflect the diversity of Indian cuisine, which has evolved over a millennia and continues to do so today. The range takes tasty influences from French colonies in Tamil Nadu, through to Portuguese flavours from Goa and historic recipes such as Ivor’s Grandfather’s First-Class Beef Curry, which was conceived during his time in the Punjab Rifles during the Second World War. The recipes have travelled across 3 generations and 3 continents and are now available exclusively through TUGO.

Stuart Nisbet, Head of Food at TUGO adds: “I’ve known Ivor for about 7 years, I met him at a Menu Innovation Networking event where he gave a really inciteful talk on spices, his passion was infectious and I knew that I wanted to work alongside him creating some of the most flavoursome Indian street foods, so as we fast forward to Tugo bringing Ivor onboard was a no brainer, The curries we’ve worked on are a perfect fit for Tugo as they are not your run of the mill, these are definitely curries with a twist, and as always the journey has been amazing with Ivor, from cooking the recipes up in my kitchen to getting them scaled up to mass production while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the original dish

launches with 3 initial Curry Pot sauces: Coq Au Tam, First Class Beef Curry, and Aubergine & Squash Smash.