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Meet our Regional Sales Manager, Deborah Adams


Spreading the dough love, meet our Regional Sales Manager Deborah Adams!

Even when Deborah’s prepping pizza by the hundreds, you’ll find a happy atmosphere in every kitchen she’s in. With great delivery to customers all over the North of England and Scotland, Deborah’s certainly a legend in the baking…
Name – Deborah Adams
Position – Regional Sales Manager
Favourite Tugo product – Pizza! (of course)
Favourite Tugo brand – Neo Pizza
Guilty food pleasure – Crisp sandwiches with brown sauce
Food for Room101! – Anchovies… YUCK!!!
Tugo topping / flavour invention – Crisps with brown sauce? Seriously… anything Mediterranean and summery (feta cheese, olives, artichoke hearts and baby vine tomatoes)
Now, that’s a crunch!

We’re also adding up the votes to see which Tugo brand comes out on top in our own staff poll.
The scores on the doors are currently:
Neo Pizza – 7
Burrito Cantina – 5
4ork – 1

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