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On the ground in November

Tugo has certainly marked November 2018 as a month to remember, remember… with both fireworks and passions ignited! While our World 4ork Day campaign continue to raise funds for Action Against Hunger, with 1p donated for every delicious 4ork pot sold, our sales teams continued to launch new sites and engaged hands-on with developing exciting new concepts. See some of our favourite highlights below.

New Site Launches – Neo & 4ork Pots

Nutritious concoctions were certainly being stirred up for the students of Northampton International Academy! Our Regional Managers, Annette and Muhammad, had a great day launching 12” pizzas with these very passionate chefs!

Shrewsbury 6” Deep Pan Pizzas

Our Regional Sales Manager, Chris Peach, was at the Catering Academy site in Shrewsbury launching 6” deep pans. Check out these before and after photos!

Hospitality Sector Neo Pizza & 4ork Launch

We had a 10” Neo Pizza and 4ork launch for at a hospitality catering company in Oxford. Both margarita and meat feast totally sold out along with portions of 4ork pasta sauce. Receiving very positive feedback from everyone on the day, there were plenty of satisfied customers!

Pizza Foundry in Sunderland

How about taking out a few books and a few slices of pizza at once? The main café area of University of Sunderland will be serving our pizza at their main campus and also in the main library! The Catering team at University of Sunderland really got behind the Neo Pizza concept and the students loved it.

Dough Puck Academic Training

Making dough pucks can be a very academic affair. We gave small 6” dough puck training at Gloucester Academy, including sweet and savoury muffins, dough balls, Stromboli calzone and more. Great fun and the staff very much liked them! It’s no wonder our Regional Sales Manager Andrew has earned the nickname “The Muffin Man”. Perhaps we should start out very own Tugo PhD in Dough Puck Science?

Stroud High School – Dough Puck

Let us bake your day! We had a super day at Stroud High School, with Operations Manager Richie and his motivated team producing some great variety using the 6” small dough puck, with moreish delights to tempt both the sweet and savoury tooth.

Big Burrito Challenge 2018 – Huddlesfield University

This year, we took our Big Burrito Challenge to the next level, with Universities all across the UK! Later in the month, we took the last bite of the competition to the University of Huddersfield. With a speedy 49 seconds, contender Morgan was the fastest of the Hungry Huddersfood Hippos! Here’s what some of the students had to say…
Chloe said: “Loved taking part, amazing burritos with plenty of Flava!”
Sam said: “Great atmosphere, everyone has thoroughly enjoyed it, it is lovely to see so many people taking part and having fun while enjoying the burritos.”
Tim said: “Very, very tasty food!! And a very fun event.”
Morgan said:“When are you doing another one? I reckon I will beat the National time of 37 seconds next time.”

Tugo Towers takes on Big Burrito Challenge

But who would we be if we didn’t test the challenge ourselves? So we took to the Tugo Towers!!! Check out this video on our Facebook feed.

Holiday Park Catering Food Services

Even a retreat deserves a treat, so we made a pizza lunch, using Tugo’s fior di latte cheese – produced by Yester Farm Dairies Limited – for the team at the picturesque Forest Holidays, Forest of Dean (no foraging needed!).
As a company that prides themselves on using locally sourced ingredients, Forest Holidays is the perfect match for Tugo’s values… and we’re delighted to be launching in ALL locations before Christmas! So welcome to the Tugo family, Forest Holidays! Or should we say, family tree? Be sure to look out for upcoming updates as we launch our sites.

Innovation in Tugo

As well as launching new sites this month, our development team have been busy working on some flavour innovatios. Vegetable infused doughs, anyone? There was some very colourful innovation going on in Tugo Towers! See our beetroot, sour dough and spinach pizza bases, which went down a storm with our taste testers!

Want to stay on the ground with us? December is sure to be a cracker of delights, so be sure to in tune with our latest news and updates on Instagram and Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

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