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Introducing Tugo’s new charity campaign: World 4ork Day – 16th October

Let your taste buds travel the world and help us in the fight against hunger

Let your taste buds travel the world and help us in the fight against hunger

We are proud to announce a brand-new annual charity campaign for Tugo: World 4ork Day. Coinciding with World Food Day on 16th October, the aim of our campaign is to raise funds in aid of Action Against Hunger.

Tugo’s Take on World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated globally every year on 16th October to commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, an organisation committed to eliminating world hunger and seeking sustainability within the food industry.
As our way of commemorating World Food Day, we will be donating 1p from every special 4ork pot sold to Action Against Hunger, not only during the campaign, but for a whole year.
World 4ork Day Launch

Working with Action Against Hunger

We are delighted to work with Action Against Hunger on this campaign, a humanitarian organisation fighting hunger and malnutrition across the globe. For almost 40 years, the global organisation has been working towards the goal of a world without hunger, by helping to enable communities in need to provide for themselves. Their work takes them to nearly 50 countries worldwide, where teams are dedicated to training communities on nutrition, food security and sanitation – aiming to eradicate the disastrous causes and effects of world hunger.
Action Against Hunger’s UK office is working to raise awareness of child malnutrition in particular, in areas where crises have left communities without the ability to produce food or clean water. They are also committed to encouraging governments around the world to do what they can to end world hunger.
Matthew White, Director of Fundraising & Communications at Action Against Hunger, comments: “We are delighted to announce our newest charity partnership with 4ork/Tugo, their support will help Action Against Hunger fight hunger around the world. We’re really excited about collaborating with an organisation that loves food as much as we do!”

Tugo’s Commitment to Charity

Working within the food industry, we strongly commend Action Against Hunger’s commitments, which is why we’re dedicated to helping raise awareness of these global issues. So, the aim of our World 4ork Day campaign is to raise awareness of World Food Day and all it represents across our customers’ sites, not only on 16th October, but for an entire year afterwards too.
Lee Personius, Managing Director at Tugo, comments: “Tugo is committed to helping those less fortunate across the world, so we’re really excited to launch our new charity campaign and announce our partnership with Action Against Hunger.”

How it Works

Supported by our bespoke World 4ork Day point of sale packs – complete with posters, flavour labels and editable counter cards – this campaign has been designed to increase sales of pots and encourage all 4ork fans to try something new. Your customers can experience our fresh, exciting flavours, while raising awareness and funds for a very worthwhile cause. Each participating site will display a hero 4ork pot flavour on offer to your customers each week, as promoted on your POS.
Our expert development chefs have put together 4 delicious recipes for this campaign, inspired by popular dishes from around the world. For 4 weeks after World 4ork Day, your site will choose a different flavour profile of the week for your customers to enjoy from the following recipes:

  1. – From South America, our Mexican Volcano Chicken pot bursts with fiery chillies, tomato and sweet peppers.
  2. – Our comforting Cheese 4 Mac pot is inspired by the street food of New York.
  3. – Savour the classic flavour of our rich and creamy Indian Chicken Tikka Masala
  4. – Last but not least, try our Japanese Katsu Curry pot, enhanced with a kick of garlic and ginger.

Get Involved

For more information or to get involved, please contact Tugo on 0844 264 0908 or email info@tugo.co.uk

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